Conscience Point Shellfish Lab Tour

Conscience Point Shellfish Lab Tour

May 30, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

This is a Zoom Online Program

Ashley Oliver, graduated from Long Island University with a degree in Environmental Sustainability. Having grown up on the South Fork, Ashley loves spending time on the beach and learning more about local waterways. Ashley has had a passion for aquaculture for many years. At Ashley’s Full-Time job, she is an Algae Culturist, but spends her time off raising and selling oysters, and clams at Conscience Point.

Join Ashley on a Zoom tour through the Conscience Point Shellfish Lab. Follow the life of a farmed shellfish from the time they are swimming until they’re set free, or eaten for dinner! See the tanks that hold the larval shellfish, and learn about what shellfish eat. Then see how they are grown in the Harbor. Ashley will talk about the benefits of aquaculture and sustainability efforts by these non-traditional farms. At the end Ashley will explain how you can enjoy the tasty Conscience Point Oysters.

To sign up, please complete our PROGRAM REGISTRATION FORM and we will send you a zoom link to reserve your spot.


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