SoFo’s Earth Day Celebration & Wellness Weekend – April 27-29th, 2018

SoFo’s Thanksgiving Open House—Outer Space: The Next Frontier! – November 25th, 2017

Nature & Bird Watching Cruise—Birding with Frank – November 18th, 2017

Snapping Turtles—Andy’s Annual Prehistoric Monster Hunt – September 2nd, 2017

Salamander Seining, and Some Frogs, Too with Andy Sabin – May 27th, 2017

“Monsters” of the Animal Kingdom – Animal Adaptations – October 10th, 2016

Salamander Log Rolling – October 8th, 2016

Birding Hawk Mountain – Overnight Trip – October 5-6th, 2016

ENDANGERED Species on Long Island – Who, What, and Why? – Septemeber 17th, 2016

Make Your Own Fish Print T-Shirt – July 3rd, 2016

Shark Dissection – June 12th, 2016

Can You Make Electricity from a Lemon? Find Out How Batteries Work – March 13th, 2016

Eastern Tiger Salamander Search – February 27th, 2016

Crystal Magic – February 7th, 2016

Family Day of Giving Thanks with Long Island’s First People – November 28th, 2015

SoFo Birding Field Trip to Hawk Mountain Preserve – October 14th, 2015

Andy Sabin’s Snapping Turtle Hunt – September 5th, 2015

SoFo's 4th Annual Climate Change Symposium

Photo Credits: Xylia Serafy

SoFo's 29th Annual Summer Gala
SoFo's 2018 Advisory Council Reception
SoFo's 28th Annual Summer Gala Benefit

SoFo's 27th Annual Summer Gala Benefit

Photo Credit: Rob Rich /  SOCIETYALLURE.COM

SoFo's 2017 Advisory Council Reception
Back to the Bays Benefit 2015

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