Naming Opportunities


$15,000 Native Wildflower Garden

$15,000 Butterfly Garden

$15,000 Bog Garden

$25,000 Underwriting the Newsletters (4 a year)

$50,000 Underwriting 225+ educational programs

$100,000 for lead sponsorship to name SOFO’s Annual Summer Gala


$500 Individual Walkway bricks

$10,000 Natural wooden garden benches (five available)
SOFO will install five new engraved benches in the SOFO gardens

$10,000 Outdoor Turtle pen
Outdoor protection pen for up to 10 turtles near pond for winter dormancy

$25,000 Fresh Water Aquarium Lower Level

$25,000 Salt Water Aquarium Lower Level

$25,000 Wet Lab Area Lower Level

$25,000 Animal Husbandry Lab Lower Level

$50,000 Live Terrariums Grouping Lower Level

$100,000 Entry Gift Shop

$100,000 Marine Touch Tank Lower Level

$100,000 Library Lower Level
Extensive library with lounge area

$150,000 Greenbelt Viewing Deck

$250,000 Glacial Video Exhibit

$250,000 The Montauk Seal Exhibit (permanent)

$250,000 Dying Tree Exhibit (permanent)

$250,000 Ocean Dune Swale Habitat Exhibit (permanent)

$250,000 The Fox Exhibit and Naturalist Closet (permanent)

$250,000 Vernal Pond Exhibit (permanent)

$250,000 Coastal Plain Pond Exhibit (permanent)

$250,000 Salt Marsh Habitat Exchange (permanent)

$250,000 Scarlet Tanager Exhibit (permanent)

$250,000 Box Turtle Exhibit (permanent)

*Permanent plaques will be put up for each naming opportunity

SOFO is pleased to offer a variety of annual and permanent naming opportunities in support of the museum’s educational and environmental initiatives, special events, our beautiful, permanent exhibits, aquariums, terrariums, outdoor gardens and touch tank. Individuals, families, businesses and corporations can name various features of the museum in their names or in honor of someone special in their lives. Please contact Director of Development Diana Aceti to discuss personalizing a plan to impact SOFOs legacy.


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