We are very excited to report on the latest developments of our new YES! Young Environmental Society’s program that is now taking place on zoom biweekly on Thursdays at 4:00 pm.


These couple weeks have been very busy for our YES! program. The garden is now complete with a fence to protect the raised bed boxes. All of our plants  -- carrots, basil, luffa gourds, birdhouse gourds, pumpkins, cucumbers, peppers, celery and tomatoes -- are in the ground and thriving.

On Tuesday, June 16, we had an amazing meeting with Jillian - the NOAA climate scientist in Arizona. We completed our discussion of "The Big Melt" by Ned Tillman - discussing climate change, methane release in the Arctic, phrenology - how plants and animals respond to both light and temperature and GMO mosquitos. 

In the next few weeks we will begin a new book to discuss with Jillian, titled "The Wild Robot" by Peter Brown. YES! Members are invited to a "drive-in" on Sunday, July 5 to pick up their books and visit the garden at the museum in person with their families.

Our June 25 meeting was filled with a discussion about the "2040" film and what the members and families learned from it. Everyone agreed that it gave them hope to see how green the towns and cities were in 2040. Other highlights for the members were the use of microgrids and kelp forests. 

This week, members have been invited to attend a Zoom meeting hosted by Drawdown East End titled "Envisioning 2040 on the East End." It will be filled with ideas how we can implement these concepts from the film into our local community. 

SOFO’s Young Environmental Society is led by Mare Dianora, an interdisciplinary artist whose practice involves building community and exploring connections to home and place, YES! is open to young environmentalists, aged 10 – 16, who want to help prevent climate change as they discuss various challenges and discuss ideas that can impact our precious environment. The program will include guest speakers and explore topics such as hydroponic farming, composting, environmental career goals, water conservation, robotics, food and merchandise packaging, and more.

To join the YES! program, and for more information, please email SOFO at


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