We are very excited to report on the latest developments of our new YES! Young Environmental Society’s program that is now taking place on zoom biweekly on Thursdays at 4:00 pm.

YES! members met on April 30 via Zoom to share their own Earth Day projects. Each member was asked to prepare a diagram or other visual to share with the group to show a project they did to mark the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Many students discussed their own plans for gardens, newly built chicken coops and shared artwork celebrating nature.

This past week, our Young Environmentalists Society (YES!) met via Zoom. Seven members joined and we spent the majority of the time discussing the pre-recorded “Sustainable Solutions” workshop from the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We discussed how recycling plastic is a help, but since the United States recycles less than 8% of its plastics, the key is reducing the usage. Each member discussed methods their own families are doing to reduce their usage. I shared the site “The Story of Stuff” which is a “solutions-focused” project which encourages individuals and communities to create environmental and social change. We will continue this conversation in our next meeting and discuss as a group how we can make an impact locally.

The  raised bed garden boxes designed by YES! members are complete! We are anticipating a soil delivery for the beds very soon so that we can take the garden project to the next step: transplanting our very healthy tomato plants that the SOFO staff have been diligently caring for as YES! is operating remotely. We are all looking forward to a second book discussion of “The Big Melt” by Ned Tillman with the NOAA climate scientist, Jillian, from Arizona. Several students who attended the first discussion have provided illustrations inspired by the book. We will mail their artwork to Jillian as a way of saying Thank You.

The meeting ended with an assignment for each member to design a YES! logo so we can solidify our group’s identity visually.  Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, May 28th at 4:00 pm via Zoom.

SOFO’s Young Environmental Society is led by Mare Dianora, an interdisciplinary artist whose practice involves building community and exploring connections to home and place, YES! is open to young environmentalists, aged 10 – 16, who want to help prevent climate change as they discuss various challenges and discuss ideas that can impact our precious environment. The program will include guest speakers and explore topics such as hydroponic farming, composting, environmental career goals, water conservation, robotics, food and merchandise packaging, and more.

To join the YES! program, and for more information, please email SOFO at


Check out videos from YES! here:



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