“Plastics…What’s All This Fuss About Plastics?”

“Plastics…What’s All This Fuss About Plastics?”

June 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
(631) 537-9735

Special Program—Important Information!

June 22, 7pm-9pm

South Fork Natural History Museum (SOFO)

*“Plastics…What’s All This Fuss About Plastics?”

Talk & Q&A with Dr. Judith S. Weis, Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences, Rutgers: Adults/Teens

Marine litter/trash/waste/garbage—whatever you call it, it’s mostly plastic. Once considered wonderful because it didn’t decay or break, now we see the consequences of it not breaking down. It’s found on beaches throughout the world, in rivers, lakes, the ocean, and on the ocean bottom, even in the deepest trenches seven miles down. Plastic bags, cigarette butts, bottles, polystyrene foam, straws, and balloons are some of the “single-use” plastics that we use once and then discard. Many of these are not recyclable. Others are recyclable but seldom recycled.

We will discuss the environmental problems plastic causes when it is eaten by marine animals—they may die from getting their digestive system clogged up—and plastics can entangle them in a way that they cannot get rid of it. We have also become aware of tiny pieces of plastic, “microplastics” that are found everywhere they are looked for—in the oceans, freshwater, groundwater, soil, and air. These are eaten by tiny plankton and other filter feeders like oysters and mussels and get passed up the food chain. What does that do?

And, we will discuss various solutions—beach cleanups, the large contraption that was supposed to clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch and failed spectacularly, and ways to reduce the use of plastic in the first place that can be enacted by countries, states, and municipalities.

And, finally, what you can do yourself.

Advanced reservations are required for all events. For more information, reservations, and directions to meeting places, please call: (631) 537-9735.


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