Nature & Art—Where Do Amphibians Go in Winter? Children Ages 8+

Nature & Art—Where Do Amphibians Go in Winter? Children Ages 8+

December 1, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
SoFo Members: Programs are free unless otherwise specified. Non-Members: Adults $15, Children $10 (Ages 3-12), Ages 2 & under free. This fee includes admission to the museum, in addition to the program.

Photo Credit: Ryan Hodnett

Program Leader: Rachel Speckenbach, South Fork Natural History Museum Environmental Educator

Ever wonder where some animals go in the winter? Many of them, like amphibians, “sleep” or hibernate during the colder months of the year. This allows them to stay safe and deal with the harshness the winter brings. Why, where, and how do they enter this dormant state? Come meet some of our SoFo friends, like the wood frog, to learn more about their “life style” and how warming temperatures are starting to affect this process. Afterwards, we end our conversation about these unique species native to the South Fork by drawing one of the animals we’ve met. Materials fee $2

Advance reservations are required for all events. For more information, reservations, and directions to meeting places, please call: (631) 537-9735.


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