Invasive Species of the South Fork: Adults/Children 8+

Invasive Species of the South Fork: Adults/Children 8+

March 15, 2020 @ 10:30 am
SOFO Members: Programs are free unless otherwise specified. Non-Members: Adults $10, Children $7.50 (Ages 3-12), Ages 2 & under free. This fee includes admission to the museum, in addition to the program.

Photo Credit: Miles Todaro


Program Leader: Paul King III, South Fork Natural History Museum (SOFO) Environmental Educator

Living in a world where millions of people are traveling place to place constantly, we are bound to bring other species with us to and from our destinations, even if it’s inadvertently. When these species are able to survive and cause ecological or economic harm in a new region where they are not native, they are determined to be invasive species. Come and learn about many of the invasive species that can be found on the South Fork of Long Island, and even get to see some in person. Learn about what we can do to prevent their spread, and control them once they arrive.

Advanced reservations are required for all events. For more information, reservations, and directions to meeting places, please call: (631) 537-9735.


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