Family Field Exploration with Crystal: All Ages

Family Field Exploration with Crystal: All Ages

September 18, 2022 @ 10:30 am

Family Field Exploration with Crystal: This program is for all ages.

Exploration Leader: Crystal Possehl-Oakes, SOFO Environmental Outdoor Education Specialist

Vineyard Field behind the SOFO Museum is a wonderful place to visit at the end of the summer. Young Tree Swallows and Eastern Bluebirds have fledged and practice catching insects attracted by the blooming goldenrod flowers and pond waters. Dragonflies zip over field and pond, and butterflies float by, looking for late summer flowers. Many more animals are hiding in flowers, under boards, and in the ponds. Join Crystal for a short story before exploring the field with sweep nets, binoculars, and dip nets to discover the many animals that live in Vineyard Field. Tick protection necessary – long pants, close toed shoes, tick repellent!

There is a $15 fee for Adults and $10 fee for children for this program. Members are free.

Advanced reservations are required for all events. To register for this program, please contact


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