Black Racer Snake Search with Andy Sabin: All Ages

Black Racer Snake Search with Andy Sabin: All Ages

May 25, 2019 @ 9:30 am
SOFO Members: Programs are free unless otherwise specified. Non-Members: Adults $15, Children $10 (Ages 3-12), Ages 2 & under free. This fee includes admission to the museum, in addition to the program.
(631) 537-9735

Walk Leader: Andy Sabin, South Fork Natural History Museum (SOFO) President,  Board of Directors

Andy Sabin, known to us as the “Salamander Commander,” is equally as interested in snakes as he is in salamanders. In fact, Andy is fascinated by all kinds of reptiles and amphibians so he is just the right person to lead us on a search for the Northern Black Racer snake (Coluber constrictor). What’s more, we’re in luck—the field behind SOFO, known as Vineyard Field, is the perfect habitat for this very active, diurnal (it comes out during the day) reptile. Just to make certain we can find them, we’ve put boards out in the field which these snakes like to hide under, so we’re very likely to find some on our snake search with Andy.

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