Backyard Watch 2


We are calling on all of our young environmentalists to observe and document nature awakening in your own backyards. We ask you to send us pictures of your findings with the date you discovered them, and your name and any notes you would like to include. We are happy to feature observations sent in by our fellow environmentalists, with details about the nature sightings they shared with us. Please send your photographs and notes to Stay safe and be on the look out for Nature news in your backyard!

Check out some of our past newsletters that featured backyard watch pictures below!


Past Newsletters


The Black Swallowtail can be found across the lower 48 states from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast. The caterpillars eat members of the carrot family including dill, fennel, carrots, parsley, and Queen Ann’s Lace (wild carrot), which the adults identify by taste-scent receptors on their feet. This caterpillar’s parents survived the winter as chrysalises and is the first of two generations born each year in our area. The bold coloration of the caterpillar (and, later, the adult) warns potential predators that they taste bad and may cause the predator to be ill.


Alan Rabinowitz, Ph.D., 1953-2018

Alan was a leading big cat conservationist for the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the Bronx Zoo, and, since 2006, for Panthera, the wild cat conservation organization that he co-founded. “He raised a lot of consciousness on behalf of wildlife, not just big cats,” George Schaller, a prominent wildlife conservationist and member of Panthera’s science council, said in a telephone interview with the New York Times. “He made people realize that these are beautiful animals and that they, and their habitats, are threatened and you have to fight for them.”

We are very grateful to Alan for his support of SOFO and his unparalleled conservation work.


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