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Gaelin Rosenwaks Presents: Studying the Ocean from Plankton to Sperm Whales!

August 1 @ 6:30 pm

For centuries, we have been fascinated by the sperm whale, the world’s largest toothed predator. Like many of our co-inhabitants on the planet, sperm whales were nearly hunted to the brink of extinction. While the most famous sperm whale of all is Moby Dick, it was a young male nicknamed Physty—who fell ill in the early 1980s and came ashore just off Long Island, New York that captured the heart of Gaelin Rosenwaks and started her on a career in marine science—studying, protecting, and documenting the world’s most marvelous ocean species. In her new book, SPERM WHALES: THE GENTLE GOLIATHS OF THE OCEANS (Rizzoli, 2022), Rosenwaks gives you a beautiful look at these magnificent animals.

In her presentation, Gaelin will take you on a journey from satellite tagging Bluefin Tuna in the Western Atlantic Ocean to drilling ice cores in the frozen Bering Sea to the bottom of the Blue Hole in Belize, in order to illuminate cutting-edge scientific research being conducted to understand the complexity of our ocean ecosystems. Gaelin hopes to heighten people’s awareness and sense of responsibility to preserve the health of our planet.

Program Leader: Gaelin Rosenwaks, Marine Scientist, Filmmaker, and Author

This FREE program is for adults, teens, and children 10+. Advanced reservations are required for all events.


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August 1
6:30 pm




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