Business of the Month – October 2020

SOFO is very happy to announce our October Business of the Month

East End Kids Fun

Congratulations to EAST END KIDS FUN the go-to-guide for all things fun toddler to teen in the Hamptons!

In our ongoing initiative to support our sponsors and other sustainable businesses, SOFO is pleased to announce our OCTOBER BUSINESS OF THE MONTH. East End Kids Fun, which was launched late February, 2019 by founder and long-time community leader Susan Moyer, is considered the go-to-guide for all things fun in the Hamptons for families, children, and teens. 

“SOFO is very happy to welcome East End Kids Fun as an invaluable year-round resource for families and caregivers seeking current information on what is happening on the East End.” says SOFO Executive Director Frank Quevedo. “Susan Moyer is a professional who brings integrity, precision and spirit to all that she does,” adds SOFO Development Director Diana Aceti. “We are delighted that East End Kids Fun has created such an in-depth, informative guide where organizations such as SOFO can list their events at

“East End Kids Fun is thrilled to support SOFO and the powerhouse programming that the museum offers year-round.  For young scientists and naturalists of all ages and their families, SOFO provides unparalleled after school, weekend and vacation programming, and is a unique community resource,” says East End Kids Fun Founder Susan Moyer.  You can find details about all of SOFO’s offerings on my website.”

 East End Kids Fun reports the news on on-site and virtual after school and vacation programs, arts and science programs, resources for people with special needs, news on museums, libraries, sports and local favorite spots, and more. Families looking for a weekend Mommy & Me class or SAT test prep, times and locations for annual parades or sandcastle contests, tips on surf lessons or where to find gifts for a birthday party can feel confident that it’s all covered on East End Kids Fun.  The online site also offers a comprehensive calendar of events, a weekly newsletter that features upcoming events (live and virtual), community announcements, special offers from its partners, and a blog highlighting various fun activities and local businesses.

Moyer raised her two sons in the Hamptons, so she knows how challenging it can be to find clear, accurate, and concise information about “all things kids,” so she decided to create a creative and concise digital directory for parents and caregivers searching for everything and anything toddler to teen, from Southampton to Montauk.

Please visit EAST END KIDS FUN's website to explore all things fun in the Hamptons for families, children, and teens.




For more information, please visit East End Kids Fun website at

To list your own event, please do so at


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