Shifting Sands—How Tides & Waves Change Our Shores: Adults

Shifting Sands—How Tides & Waves Change Our Shores: Adults

June 25, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
East Hampton
NY 11937
SoFo Members: Programs are free unless otherwise specified. Non-Members: Adults $15, Children $10 (Ages 3-12), Ages 2 & under free. This fee includes admission to the museum, in addition to the program.

Walk Leader: Melanie Meade, South Fork Natural History Museum (SoFo) Nature Educator

Long Island’s beaches are constantly undergoing change—storms shift large amounts of sand in a short time, seasonal tides and wind waves erode and deposit sediments, and daily tides and winds create patterns in the sediments along the shore. Take a walk along a bay beach bluff to observe these coastal processes by noticing the story told in the geologic features of the bluff face and the beach below.

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Photo Credit: Jonathan Wilkins