Beginner Birding—Winter Water Birds around Montauk: Adults/Children

Beginner Birding—Winter Water Birds around Montauk: Adults/Children

March 25, 2017 @ 10:00 am
NY 11954
SoFo Members: Programs are free unless otherwise specified. Nonmembers: Adults $15, Children $10 (Ages 3-12), Ages 2 & under free. This fee includes admission to the museum, in addition to the program.

Walk Leader: Crystal Oakes, South Fork Natural History Museum (SoFo) Nature Educator

Many people think that there isn’t a lot of variety in nature in the winter, but Long Island is a wintering spot for over 20 species of water birds. Fight cabin fever when you join Crystal to explore the salt and fresh water in the Montauk area in this beginning birding walk. Learn about the different body shapes, behaviors, and field marks (obvious visual clues) to tell the differences between loons, ducks, geese, and grebes and then identify the individual species. Having your favorite field guide to birds of eastern North America and binoculars will be very helpful. There are a limited number of binoculars to borrow, if you need a pair.

Advance reservations are required for all events. For more information, reservations, and directions to meeting places, please call: (631) 537-9735.

Photo Credit: Kim B. / CC BY-SA 3.0